R700: Strawberry Tiara Dresser with Cosmetic Playset & Chair

Strawberry Tiara Dresser with Cosmetic Playset & Chair photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: R
  • No Pieces: 19
  • Manufacturer: San Toys (cosmetic set) & Unknown for vanity
  • Age: 2 yrs +
  • Rent: $5.00
  • Storage: : No Main Storage, Drawstring Bag for Accessories


1x Small dressing table/vanity with attached:
     - lipstick holder
     - mirror on moving frame
     - 2 attached storage boxes with bows
     - 2 small cupboards with pink knobs
     - 1 drawer with attached bow
     - 4 legs (screwed)
1x Small chair

1x Wooden box base
1x Wooden pink lid (cosmetic case)
1x Hairdryer red/wood
1x Hairbrush


1x Comb
1x Blue hand mirror
1x Perfume bottle red/blue
1x Blue lid
1x Cream bottle
1x Yellow lid
1x Compact case with blue lid/mirror
1x White powder puff
1x Eye shadow case with red lid/mirror
3x Lipsticks
1x Drawstring storage bag

Tags: wooden, beauty, role play, vanity, make up, dressing table, hair