Term and Condition

Pāpāmoa Toy Library Inc Operating Rules

Who can join the library?

Any family living within the Tauranga/Pāpāmoa area – Proof of residence is required to join.


Toys are loaned out at varying prices (between 50 cents and $5) per fortnight depending on the replacement value of the toy. All memberships incur the same rental fees.

Borrowing Toys

  • Only members can borrow toys, which are for family use only.
  • Toys are hired fortnightly. Toys may be returned earlier, but there are no refunds.
  • Two toys per child can be loaned. Only one of these toys can have a value over $150.00. Four extra toys per family can be loaned.
  • Toys cannot be re-issued to the same family on day of return.
  • If the toy you are borrowing requires batteries, you are responsible for providing them.
  • All toys are counted and checked at time of return. Please stay while we check your toys.
  • All toys remain the property of the Pāpāmoa Toy Library Inc.

Overdue Toys

  • Overdue toys will incur a fine per week overdue, equivalent to the toy's fortnightly rental.
  • No further toys may be borrowed until all fines are paid.
  • Persistent lateness in returning toys may result in cancellation of your membership.
  • If toys are overdue by one month you will be invoiced for the total cost of the toy. Legal proceedings will follow up bad debts, although we endeavour to negotiate first.
  • Debt collection costs associated with the recovery of outstanding debts will be met by you.

Dirty Toys

Care of toys you borrow is your responsibility. Please return them dry, clean, and tidy, in the condition you would like to receive them.

Loss and/or damage

  • A replacement charge of $5.00 for lost or broken pieces will be levied. This will be refunded on return of the missing piece(s) provided it/they are returned within one month and in good condition. A $5.00 charge will also be levied for bags or plastic boxes missing/broken, or if the bag/box is valued at more than $5.00 the larger amount will be charged.
  • If a piece is lost or broken, please do not put in another piece or try to repair it yourself. This can cause confusion for the next person hiring the toy.
  • No further toys may be borrowed until all fines are paid.
  • Please ensure that all toys with batteries are kept away from water, rain, sand, or dirt.
  • The toy library committee will consider extensive damage. This may result in you being asked to contribute to the cost of repair or replacement.
  • Any associated debt collecting costs incurred are recoverable from you.

Checking Toys

Please check your toys at the time of issue. If you do not, the toy is deemed to be complete at the time of issue and you will be charged for any broken or missing pieces on the toy's return.

Toys at Home

Please do not exchange toy library toys with friends, even if they are toy library members. All toy library toys borrowed by you must remain in your home.

Cancellation of Membership

If you decide to discontinue your use of the toy library for any reason, we would appreciate you notifying us as sometimes we have waiting lists. There will be no refunds of any subs paid. Please keep us informed of any change in your address, email, or phone number.

Duty Memberships

You are required to work a full session at least four times per year by completing 1 duty every 3 months, from date of joining. For every duty not completed within each 3 month period, there will
be a $15 fine charged to your account that will require payment.

There is a duty roster available here; please fill in dates convenient to you. If you are unable to attend a scheduled duty it is your responsibility to notify the librarian (leave a message on the
answerphone if necessary). If you fail to turn up for duty or do not give us at least 3 days’ notice of your inability to complete a scheduled duty, we have the discretion to fine you $15.
We will not take responsibility if you run out of time to complete duties.


All members may be asked throughout the year to contribute towards fundraising events.

Amendment to Rules

Any amendments to these rules will be notified through an email to members.