R698: Trash Pack Crash N Junk Yard Playset

Trash Pack Crash N Junk Yard Playset photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: R
  • No Pieces: 23
  • Manufacturer: Moose
  • Age: 4 yrs +
  • Rent: $2.50
  • Donated by: The Pamment Family - Thank you
  • Storage: : Plastic Container with Lid


1x   Junk yard on base with attached: 
           - yellow arm barrier in scrap yard
           - opening green roof to drop car in
           - yellow/ grey crane on slider with attached
             blue dial for string operation & red claw
           - yellow demolition lever for car compactor
           - push down trash wheels sign for car
           - trash wheels compartment with flames for 
             adding small yellow trash pack into
           - 2 yellow/black mini moving arm barriers
             for dumping cars into compactor
2x   Green short ramps (attached to base)
2x   Green tracks (u shaped, curved)
1x   Small green stand for u-shaped track
1x   Detachable red fencing with swing gate
       entry (can be attached to yard)
1x   Semi truck cab
1x   Semi truck trailer with attached green lever
       on side to move ramp, drop down
       ramp back door and moving top ramp
1x   Yellow trash pack
11x Trash wheels vehicles
1x   Storage container
1x   Lid



Rubbish just got revved up! Have a `wheely` gross time racing these Trash Wheels vehicles around the garbage yard! It is the only place to wreck and repair the Trash Wheels! Whether they need a new engine or are ready to go to the scrap heap, the junkyard is the place to go!
Use the crane to drop a vehicle into the compactor and pull the yellow handle back then forth but don`t be fooled, press the Trash Wheels sign and watch your vehicle zoom away.

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