R626: Laugh N Learn Servin Up Fun Food Truck (2)

Laugh N Learn Servin Up Fun Food Truck (2) photo
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  • Category: R
  • No Pieces: 54
  • Manufacturer: Fisher-Price
  • Age: 18 mths +
  • Rent: $5.00
  • Donated by: The Pamment Family - Thank you
  • Storage: : No Main Storage, Drawstring Bag for Accessories


x1 Food truck station with attached:
     - operating cash register
     - card holder (orange)
     - interactive hotplate
     - interactive tap/sink
     - yellow opening/closing door
     - plate rack
     - ignition switch (purple)
     - steering wheel
     - gear lever (green)
     - open/closed sliding sign
     - menu board
     - yellow customer bell
     - smart stages level selector
     - shape sorter with lifting lid

x1 Green spatula
x1 Green fork
x4 Pizza quarters (connectable)
x2 Yellow plates
x1 Taco shell
x1 Taco filling
x3 Smoothies with straw
     (yellow-large, red-medium, purple-small)
x1 Burger base with prong
x1 Burger top bun


x1 Meat pattie with hole
x1 Avocado slice with hole
x1 Bacon rashes with hole
x3 Cake shapes (star, circle, rectangle)
x4 Menu cards (hamburger, taco, pizza, smoothies)
x1 Fries container
x6 Fries
x1 Tomato sauce bottle
x1 Banana
x1 Strawberry
x1 Grape
x2 Burger buns small
x1 Tomato slice
x1 Lettuce
x1 Cheese slice
x1 Meat pattie
x1 Ice Cream Scoop
x4 Cones
x5 Toppings (pink, peach, purple, white, blue)
x1 Drawstring storage bag


The Laugh and Learn Servin' Up Fun Food Truck Toy from Fisher-Price is chock a block full of fun for kids. It's a truck, kitchen and store all in one toy, full of learning opportunities for your little one including general knowledge, collaboration skills and a great opportunity for creativity and imagination.


  • Two sided truck lets kids play as either the chef or a customer
  • Magical cash register reads all 4 menu cards! Ring up orders by pressing the number buttons, and push the music button for a playlist of learning songs and more!
  • Interactive food prep area, including a sink, light-up grill & service bell, plus activity-filled dashboard
  • 3 Smart Stages learning levels with 125+ songs, sounds and phrases for auditory stimulation
  • Encourages shape recognition and posting skills
  • Increases general knowledge and collaboration skills
  • Boosts creativity and imagination

Tags: kitchen, food truck, truck, food, transport, role play, cash register, cooking, educational