R602: Jake & the Neverland Pirates Set

Jake & the Neverland Pirates Set photo
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  • Category: R
  • No Pieces: 12
  • Manufacturer: Fisher-Price/Disney
  • Age: 3 yrs +
  • Rent: $4.00
  • Donated by: The Long Family - Thank you
  • Storage: : Plastic Container with Lid


x1 Jake`s musical pirate ship `Bucky` with attached:
     - 4 fences
     - mast
     - slide
     - steering wheel
     - bell
     - Tick Tock (Crocodile)
     - crows-nest
     - sail
     - 3 activation buttons
 x1 Skull Island with attached:
     - eye patch
     - cannon
     - spinning door
x1 Hooks battle boat with black flag
x1 Tiki hideout with attached:
     - 2 side doors
     - 2 folding palm tree hideout doors
     - 3 activator buttons
     - Tick Tock
     - extending crows-nest
     - ladder
x1 Storage container pirate chest with
     attached lid


x6 Figures Jake (2), Tick Tock, Izzy, Peter Pan, large pirate
x1 Drawstring accessory bag


Jake's Musical Pirate Ship 'Bucky' has 25 sounds, songs & phrases. Launch the fearsome Tick Tock Crocodile from a hidden trap door.

Skull Island double sided playset. Watch the teeth of the skull trap pirates when you press the Tiki head. Look through the eye patch to see your pirate enemies approaching

Jake's Magical Tiki Hideout is where Jake and his pirate crew live. Keep an eye out for your enemies approaching on an extending spinning crows-nest. With folding palm tree doors you'll fool your visitors, keep them closed and be careful, Hook and his pirates are on the prowl!


Warnings! x3 AA Batteries required for ship 'Bucky'

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