R601: Fisher Price Imaginext Gorilla Mountain

Fisher Price Imaginext Gorilla Mountain photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: R
  • No Pieces: 30
  • Manufacturer: Fisher Price
  • Age: 3 yrs +
  • Rent: $4.00
  • Storage: : Plastic Container with Lid


x1 Fold out Gorilla Mountain with attached:
     - working rope
     - activator dials
     - steps (turn out from base)
     - gorilla (mouth shoots
x1 Hippopotamus
     (with activator button)
x1 Black Gorilla
     (press head for movement)
x1 Alligator
     (with activator button)
x1 Leopard
x1 Ape
     (orange with yellow hair)
x3 Monkeys
x2 Deer
x1 Giraffe
x1 Jungle jeep


x7 Bat discs
x2 Snakes
x1 Explorer in Green
x1 Coconuts
x1 Bananas
x1 Parrot
x1 Toucan
x1 Spider
x1 Storage container
x1 Lid


This interactive, light and sound set includes the Gorilla Mountain, a hippo, cheetah, monkeys, a bird, a spider, snakes, an explorer, five bats (bat discs) and so much more! 
The Gorilla Mountain has five activation points to unlock the adventure. Turn the figure on the activation panel to light up the waterfall, make rock ledge "crumble", open & close the secret passage, unleash the spider and release the "bats"!
Imagine a world of action and excitement where you decide what happens next!

Warnings! Requires x3 AA Batteries for Gorilla Mountain & x3 cell batteries for Jeep.

Tags: jungle, imaginext, fisher price, animals, role play, reptile