CT393: Letters & Numbers Cake Pan Set

Letters & Numbers Cake Pan Set photo
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  • Category: CT
  • No Pieces: 13
  • Manufacturer: Wilton
  • Age: Parental Guidance
  • Rent: $2.00
  • Donated by: Lotteries Grant - Thank you
  • Storage: : Original Packaging


x1 Baking pan
x1 Long rectangle insert (A)
x2 Medium rectangle inserts (B)
x2 Square inserts (C)
x3 Small rectangle inserts (D)
x1 Triangle cutter (E)
x2 Laminated instruction guide
     (double sided)
x1 Original storage box


One pan bakes more than 39 cake shapes:
letters A to Z, numerals 0 to 9, an exclamation point, question mark and a dollar sign, plus personalized shapes you design, like robots, animals and icons. The Letters & Numbers Cake Pan is an exciting way to create a special cake, send a personalised message and celebrate so many occasions.

Pan features a unique grid guide pattern on the bottom to hold the inserts snuggly in place to keep the batter in the design area. After baking, the cake cutter trims the cake into clean, angled edges for easy decorating.

First, choose your cake design. Use the diagrams inside to determine inserts used and positioning in the pan. Follow the steps below to create a cake everyone will love.

Alert! For best results after each use hand wash in warm soapy water. Avoid using metal utensils, abrasive cleaners & scouring pads.
Warnings! Please read all instructions carefully for correct use & steps to create.

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