C580: Garage Playset

Garage Playset photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: C
  • No Pieces: 18
  • Manufacturer: Anko
  • Age: 12 mths +
  • Rent: $1.50
  • Donated by: Missi Chell - Thank you
  • Storage: : Drawstring Bag


x2 Yellow spiral ramp pieces
x2 Orange spiral ramp pieces
x1 Blue base ramp piece
x1 Spiral ramp sign
x3 Cars (blue/orange, orange/blue, blue/green)
x1 Blue level 2 top piece
x1 Blue wall with 2 holes


x1 Yellow level one ramp piece
x1 Yellow barrier
x1 Blue level 1 piece
x1 Small orange wall for blue lift base
x1 Blue base for lift wall
x1 Green wall with lift and parking garage sign attached
x1 Drawstring storage bag


A great introduction to your child's first garage with cars, ramps and a lift. An easy to assemble, bright multi-coloured light weight starter garage which comes with a spiral ramp, 3 cars and lift. 
If you want to try before you buy, try this! Helps teach & develop sensory & tactile simulation, fine motor skills and free play.

Tags: role play, construction, transport, ramp, garage, car, vehicle