A650: ELC Stack and Drop Froggie

ELC Stack and Drop Froggie photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: A
  • No Pieces: 7
  • Manufacturer: Early Learning Centre
  • Age: 9 mths +
  • Rent: $2.00
  • Donated by: Missie Chell - Thank you
  • Storage: : Drawstring Bag


x1 Red bucket
x1 Orange bucket
x1 Yellow bucket
x1 Blue bucket
x1 Green frog face bucket for top
x1 Ball
x1 Drawstring storage bag


This robust, multi-coloured Froggie is an entertainer! Your little learner can first of all enjoy the simplicity of rolling the balls around, then as confidence and curiosity grows, begin to stack the Froggie themselves, learning how to put it together in order of the sizes of the pieces. Some, may even enjoy knocking the Froggie down! They can then explore as they post the ball into the frogs mouth and react to the balls movement as it cascades down each level sending it rolling down through the sections. 
Promotes hand-to-eye coordination and dexterity while encouraging problem-solving skills.

Tags: stacking, posting, frog, ball, infants, active play, floor play